We Asked for Help, and YOU RESPONDED -

Thank you! We’re so grateful for your support!

During the last few months, literally THOUSANDS of letters we sent to California state and local leaders, and they got the message. Now everyone, including Governor Jerry Brown, knows about the Village and understands the predicament we faced with the passage of AB74 last December. Our unique model of foster care, focused on keeping sibling together and supporting families, was at risk.

Your letters have opened a path to a solution. Your letters encouraged state foster care licensing agencies to work with us on some creative ideas to help our foster care Village survive.

We should have exciting news to share with you, soon! 


Sibling connections:

Sonoma County Children’s Village has embraced the Fostering Connections to Success and Increasing Adoptions Act of 2008, “which is the first Federal law to address the importance of keeping siblings together. Research indicates that maintenance of the sibling bond is crucial to child development and adjustment, especially for children who are separated from the only homes and parents they have ever known and are placed in unfamiliar settings with strangers.”  (Youth Law Center 2005, Vol. XXVI No. 4)